The Unique Long-Term Care Planning Experience


The Client Concerns Conversation

Each person who utilizes our services comes in with unique questions and concerns. Our goal is to meet those needs and respond to each concern. We’ll talk about the types of extended care available. Most long-term care can be provided in the individual’s own home.

  • Has there been an experience with a loved one needing care?
  • How was that experience?
  • How would you want to provide for your own care, if needed?
  • How would you finance this type of care?
  • What is the impact of extended care on family members?

The Care Preferences Discussion

While we all hope that we won’t need this type of care, many of us will.

  • If you needed extended care, where would you prefer to receive it?
  • How do you feel about having your family involved in your care?
  • Would you want to receive care at home or would you feel more comfortable in an environment with more people and opportunities for interaction?

The Resource Inventory

Everyone has different resources available.

  • What financial resources are available?
  • How are these assets currently allocated or invested?
  • Are you willing and able to contribute towards care expenses without impacting the lifestyle of others who may be dependent upon those resources.
  • Are there family or friends available to actually provide care or help out financially?

The Funding Decision Tree

If needed, how would care be funded?

  • What will health insurance and Medicare cover for long-term care?
  • What are the criteria to qualify for Medicaid?
  • How much care would be self-funded?
  • What are the financial implications of self-funding, including penalties, taxes and estate planning issues?
  • How do long-term care insurance policies work?
  • Strategies to coordinate a policy with other available resources.
  • Alternative options, such as life insurance and annuities that can be used for long-term care support.

The Personal Planner

In summary, Compass LTC provides a custom-designed, comprehensive plan that addresses individual concerns and care preferences; while at the same time taking into account current resources. Using this process we can determine which strategies and programs best fit the unique requirements of our clients.